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Sri Krishna Gho Samrakshana Trust

Save Cows for They are Essential for Our Lives

Sri Krishna Gho Samrakshana Trust

We have Totally 200+ Cows

Sri Krishna Gho Samrakshana Trust

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1,00,000 சதுர அடியில், 5.88 கோடி ரூபாய் மதிப்பில் பிரமாண்டமாக அமைய உள்ள நமது கோசாலைக்கு பூமிதானம் வரவேற்கின்றோம் [ஒரு சதுர அடி ரூபாய் 200/- மட்டும்][Purchase of new land is to establish the shelter on 1 lack sq. Ft the estimation of cost 5.88cr.]
About Us
About the Sri Krishana Gho Samrakshana Trust

The primary activity of The Cow's Foundation is to promote the gracious care of cows by providing knowledge and practical support for their compassionate care according to the following principles.
1. Cows are allowed to live out their full span of life.
2. Cows are maintained, respected and treated with kindness.
3.The Foundation aims to support as many cows as possible to live under these principles of gracious care. At this time when financial profit is seen as the top priority in most endeavors, it is not financially viable for farmers to keep their cows once they have stopped producing milk.

Our Mission

    Our New Project
  • We welcome Bhoomidanam for our Kosala which will be constructed on a grand scale of 1,00,000 Sq.Ft., at a cost of Rs.5.88 Crore [Rs.200/- per Sq.Ft only].

Our Vision

  • Our Target is to Rescue 5,00,000 Cows and Calves to Maintain.
  • We Provide Better Veterinary Services, Health-care and Vaccination Services and Feed to Cows.

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What We Provide


Adopt A Cow

You can Adopt these Gauvansh and can Give them a Happy second Life..

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Mix of different types of fodder(Cow Food) are being fed to Gauvansh. You can select the fodder type which you want to Feed.

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save Cows

To my mind, the only possible pet is a cow. Cows love you… They will be your friends forever.

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Death due to natural causes

If any of our cows die due to natural cause in Sri Krishna Gho Samrakshana Trust,
we do the final ceremony peacefully in our culture.